Welcome to Further Down the Rabbit Hole. I guess you could say that collecting antiques runs in my blood. I remember my grandparents collecting antiques and even having an antique shop located right in their house. The antique bug was then implanted in my uncle and boy did he run with it. Him and my aunt owned many antique shops thru-out the last 30+ years. So now it’s moving onto me.

I started collecting antiques and primitives a few years ago. I started acquiring a lot of these goods, enough to fill my entire house, basement and garage. My mom had suggested I should open up a booth in our local antique mall, as she did 4 years prior. I was a little hesitant and continued to go out and search for olde finds. Finally, when I had no more room left in my house, garage or basement, I decided its time to open a booth in the local antique mall. I did so good in my first month that I decided to expand my operation into two booths that were side by side. It was a match made in heaven.

Then after a couple of months, I started thinking about opening my own antique shop, how cool would that be, right? Well, I found the perfect little space in downtown Buford GA. I couldn’t wait until I got to see the inside of this space. When I did, it took me about 5 minutes to say “I want it”. I called my mom over to see what she thought and she agreed with me- it’s perfect. So three days later I signed the lease to the new shop. I’m super excited to start this new venture in my life. So, if you like antiques, primitives, vintage, cottage and basically anything old, stop on by and enjoy the goods at Further Down the Rabbit Hole.
Tracy Goligoski-Owner

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